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IPG Photonics (lasers)

IPG Photonics is a leading-edge manufacturer of fiber optics, lasers and amplifiers. Its lasers stand out in the industry as having magnitudes more power than the competition. A large part of its business has been built on the industry shift from conventional lasers to fiber lasers for materials processing. However, one of its most exciting growth opportunities is in providing laser and amplifiers for fiber optic networks—the same networks that are being upgraded to support the global 5G wireless network infrastructure buildout. The company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Russia, Italy, and Germany, and the majority of its business is international. Beyond telecommunications and materials processing, IPG Photonics’ products are increasingly being used for medical, holographic, remote sensing, entertainment and display applications.

Macom Technology (semiconductors)

Macom Technology is a producer of gallium nitride semiconductors. As a semiconductor material, gallium nitride (GaN) is 10 times faster than silicon. It is capable of operating at a much higher voltage and is a more efficient material to manager power conversion. These semiconductors will be an essential part of the 5G infrastructure buildout. 5G networks run on a higher frequency radio network, and therefore require higher power, making Macom’s GaN semiconductors the preferred component for 5G networks. From a 30% market share today, GaN semiconductors are expected to take at least 50% market share by 2025. I expect it will actually happen much sooner as the cost of manufacturing these chips drops. This indicates Macom’s technology will be ubiquitous in the field of radio frequency power.

Acacia Communications (optical interconnect products)

Acacia Communications is the industry leader in something called “optical interconnect products.” These products essentially allow fiber optic cables to communicate with one another, a key component of the coming 5G wireless infrastructure buildout. Acacia is a pure play on the exponential growth of wireless and internet data, and its entire focus is simply on using the most advanced optical technology to transmit and receive data over fiber optic networks. Acacia will be a key player in the 5G infrastructure buildout.

Airgain (antenna technology)

Airgain provides advanced antenna technology and wireless networking innovations across a vast range of systems, devices, and markets. Near-future tech trends like the connected home, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and self-driving cars are all made possible with the products and services Airgain supplies. In a recent test to show the robustness of Airgain’s products, the company upgraded a smart television with its technology. It found that, by integrating its technology, the probability of supporting a wireless 4K Ultra HD video stream increased up to 100%—something simply not possible with offerings from other antenna providers. Radio frequency (RF) antenna design is an art as much as it is a science. Airgain provides complex antenna solutions to companies that manufacturer wireless and mobile devices.

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